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Mercury Mirror

Not having mirrors in your car is like not seeing your enemies in a battlefield. Anytime they can just shot you dead without having a chance to defend yourself. This is because mirrors eliminate blind spots around your carthe areas that you cannot see from your seat. With the aid of the mirrors, you can see if there's another vehicle, a pedestrian or a fixed object beside or at the back of your vehicle, which you might unintentionally hit while driving. Mirrors, therefore, are essential to safe driving so it's a must that you have them in your car.

There are different kinds of mirrors available for almost every type of vehicle, car make and model. If you have a Mercury auto, you can easily find replacement mirrors of various kinds. You can also add other kinds of mirrors like automatic dimming rearview mirror, wide-angle mirror and light-equipped mirrors. Automatic dimming mirrors are placed at the back end of your auto. This self-dimming mirror has photo-sensitive crystal optics that make it automatically shift to "night mode" when it senses bright light. With its special feature, glare is reduced.

As a mid-class vehicle make, Mercury vehicles are equipped with high quality mirrors that complement its respectable performance and great styling. Although not as exquisitely designed and equipped as high-end luxury cars, Mercury autos also come with high-standard and technologically advanced parts and auto components. The Mercury mirrors are among them. The Mercury autos feature multipurpose mirrors like the Mercury Mountaineer's Power Heated Mirrors with security approach lamps. When driving during foggy and cold weather conditions, these mirrors heat up instantly to enhance visibility. The integrated lamps light up the ground at the side of the vehicle, thereby, providing safety while driving through or parking in very dark places. Also featured in other Mercury models are side mirrors with built-in turn signals.

Mercury Mirror Models