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Mercury Mountaineer Grille Assembly

In any business especially in the automotive industry, keeping the product on top of the customer's choice and preferences is a tough job to accomplish. It is because competition gets stiffer each year principally caused by the coming up of new, exciting and challenging products wanting also to steal a scene from the existing contenders. Taking automotive models for example, nothing really lasts for a long time unless it's of exceptional, quality and great make-up such as the Ford Explorer.

Ford Motor Company has been one of the leading car manufacturers of all time. Included in the brands and marques under Ford are the highly recognized Lincoln and Mercury. Under the Mercury Division, a twin of the Ford Explorer named Mercury Mountaineer was created in the year 1997. Both use the same engine. Though the Mountaineer was based on the veteran Explorer, Mercury is intending to make the former more upscale than the latter in terms of optional features such as auto-dimming side-view and rearview mirrors, dual climate control, side curtain airbags, seat heaters and platinum trim pieces which are normally associated with luxury cars.

Moreover, the Mercury Mountaineer is an exciting choice for customization. With the emergence of different accessories and add-ons, the grille remains to be the top choice for those who want to give their cars a different look and a touch of their personality. Though grilles are not solely intended for aesthetic purpose, they are definitely good customization accessories. Grilles like the Mercury Mountaineer come in numerous varieties which make it easier to find one that will best suit your vehicle and personality. Furthermore, grilles are used to protect the engine and other components under your hood from moisture, mud, insects and debris. They also serve as a passage that allows air to flow over the radiator and cool the engine department, thus preventing overheat.

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