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Mercury Tail Light

The vehicle lights that your Mercury vehicle is equipped with serves two basic purposes. One is to keep your vehicle safe at all times, by allowing you to clearly see the path that you are driving and by warning other vehicles of your vehicle's presence and of your driving intentions. The other function of Mercury lights is purely aesthetic, for Mercury vehicles are equipped with lights that were designed to give the vehicle a very luxurious appearance.

A pair of vehicle lights that Mercury vehicles are equipped with is the tail lights. The taillights are the red or amber vehicle lights mounted at the rear end of your vehicle. Its main purpose is to keep your vehicle clearly visible from anyone behind it, helping you avoid any accidental rear-end collisions. But since the tail lamps would easily attract the attention of onlookers especially when they are lighted, many car aficionados have thought of accessorizing or customizing them. And one of the best ways to accessorize the tail end of your vehicle is by installing Altezza tail lights.

Altezza tail lights are European styled tail lights that make use of elegantly crafted, clear tail light lenses over an existing red or amber tail light bulbs. Some Altezza tail light assemblies would make use of red or amber reflectors over an existing clear tail light bulb, which would basically create the similar effect. Most of these Euro tail lights would also come with chrome, smoked, or carbon fiber housing or frame for additional styling.

Custom and replacement Mercury Altezza tail lights can give your Mercury a distinguishing look while maintaining, or even increasing, its luxuriousness. You can find these Mercury Altezza crystal clear tail lights from your trusted auto parts source or through a large number of auto parts and accessories dealers over the Web. A reminder, though, before you get those Mercury Altezza tail lamps of your choice: Check your local laws first because some states would not allow the use of clear tail lights.