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Mercury Topaz Harmonic Balancer

The Common Signs of a Malfunctioning Mercury Topaz Harmonic Balancer

The Mercury Topaz harmonic balancer is built to reduce the vibration from the constant rotation of the crankshaft and the cylinders in your car's engine. However, this car part is not built to last, and it will eventually deteriorate and show signs of wearing down. If you begin to feel that your car is starting to become unusual, then you should do some troubleshooting immediately. Below are some of the common symptoms you can encounter with a faulty Mercury Topaz harmonic balancer:

Strong vibration and noise from the engine

When the harmonic balancer of your car begins to fail, you will feel an increase in vibration of your car's engine. Aside from that, you'll also hear a loud, irregular noise when the vehicle accelerates. These can be signs that the rubber-to-metal bond of the balancer has been broken, and its metal portion is moving over the rubber which creates the loud noise. You shouldn't ignore this problem because a malfunctioning balancer can cause damage to other engine parts such as the a/c compressor and alternator and it will also cause leaks.

Various drive-belt problems

Since the harmonic balancer also works as a pulley for your car's drive belt, a faulty balancer can cause a drive belt to slip, create noise, or become damaged. This will lead to inefficient acceleration, sudden decrease in fuel economy, or engine misfiring. A slipped drive belt can also cause the a/c compressor to malfunction and stop working. Before any of these problems worsen, you should replace both the drive belt and the harmonic balancer. Remember to replace the parts at the same time because if only one of these parts is replaced, the malfunctioning part will still cause damage.

Poor ignition timing

A malfunctioning Mercury Topaz harmonic balancer won't be able to stabilize the camshaft sensor which will cause the sensor to send erratic signals to the vehicle's computer. One possible effect of this problem is a bad ignition timing of your car or a total start failure. When this happens, you'll notice that the car's ignition will still crank to show that the engine is still engaging. However, since there is no right timing, the engine will not start successfully.

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  • Three Quick Tips to Maintain Your Mercury Topaz Harmonic Balancer

    The harmonic balancer of your Mercury Topaz keeps the crankshaft stable as it turns along with the pistons. The balancer absorbs the vibrations with the help of an internal sleeve that's usually made of rubber. Through constant pressure, the rubber sleeve and other parts of the harmonic balancer will show signs of wear and tear. To make sure that the harmonic balancer of your vehicle will continue to work efficiently and you get to maximize its service life, here are some maintenance tips:

    Use the right tools when removing the harmonic balancer.

    It is advisable to use the right removal tool for your car's harmonic balancer. Otherwise, you'll risk damaging the harmonic balancer, crankshaft, and other related parts. There are harmonic balancer puller sets available from aftermarket stores, and it's best to choose a high-quality tool that can last for a long time. The cheap pullers are only good for a couple of uses and will eventually crack or get damaged.

    Know the proper torque settings of the mounting bolts.

    When you need to remove certain parts of the engine, which may include the harmonic balancer, you should know the correct torque settings of the mounting bolts so you can replace the balancer correctly. Aside from that, you have to seek for a good tip on how to replace the harmonic balancer of your Mercury Topaz because every engine is built differently. One way to determine if you've installed the balancer correctly is by starting your car's engine and making sure its vibration is at a normal level.

    Clean your Mercury Topaz harmonic balancer.

    If you have removed the harmonic balancer of your car to check its condition but found no signs of damage, you can clean it before you place it back in the engine. An automotive degreaser is a useful material that can remove stains. If there's too much stain on the harmonic balancer and you want to clean it thoroughly, but you're worried about its rubber part, then you can simply mask the rubber off. However, removing the harmonic balancer for the sake of cleaning it is not advisable if you're an amateur mechanic because it is a very tough job. So if you're going to dismantle the engine just to clean the harmonic balancer, make sure you're confident of your car repair skills and you have your vehicle manual with you.