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Mercury Window Regulator

If a vehicle component comes as standard feature for a vehicle, then that component must have an important function to play. Sometimes, however, we don't understand the importance of some standard components in our car. Just take the Mercury window regulators, for example. Lowering and lifting the vehicle's windows may not seem so important to many of us, and this makes us wonder why the window regulators should be standard equipments.

Some instances, however, requires you to lift and lower your vehicle's windows, and it is in these instances that you realize the need for window regulators. Toll-booths, for example, are almost impossible to avoid when driving, and as you pay in these toll-booths, you would have to lower your vehicle's window using the window regulator. The same thing is true when buying food from a drive-thru fast-food restaurant. And how about if your car's air conditioning system got busted? Wouldn't you need the window regulators to allow fresh air to get inside the car and refresh you?

Now, there are two types of window regulators that your Mercury vehicle may be equipped with: manual window regulators, and power (or automatic/electrical) window regulators. Automatic window regulators, the type that controls the movement of your Mercury power windows, are usually made up of a combination of a worm gear and several spur gears attached to a linkage that can lift and lower the door glasses of your car. The worm gear, in turn, is attached to a small electric motor that controls the movement of the regulator. Manual window regulators basically work the same way and are usually made of the same parts, except that a manual hand crank replaces the electric motor that controls its movement.

Electric window regulators, generally, are more complicated than the manual variety, and getting them busted would generally mean more money to spend. Unfortunately, they are the kind of window regulators that new Mercury vehicles are equipped with. Having them fully replaced with original Mercury power window regulators may cause you a lot, so the best alternative for you would be to find a high quality aftermarket Mercury window regulator that fits the specifications of the original.

Mercury Window Regulator Models