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The danger of driving without properly working brake lights can't be underestimated. If your brake lights don't turn on when you step on the pedal, or if they stay lit even when you're not engaging the brakes, your risk of getting involved in a road accident shoots up. Drivers behind you won't know when you're braking, so they might crash into you, causing wreckage and injuries. So you have to take a closer look at your bad brake lights, especially its switch, as it might be the one that's shot. Good thing you can always replace it with a high-quality Merit Brake Light Switch.

Don't worry because replacing the brake light switch is usually an easy task. The switch is typically located underneath the dashboard, at the top of the brake pedal. The switch is probably fastened to a bracket and it's activated whenever you step on the pedal. Once you see the switch, check if all the electrical connections are in good condition. If the connections and the switch itself are clearly in bad shape, replace them with a new light switch from Merit. Installation is easy and you will have your brake lights restored in just a couple of minutes.

The brake light switch by Merit is different from run-of-the-mill switches because it's built from premium materials that will resist wear and tear for years. It's also designed and manufactured using the most advanced computer-aided technologies to maximize its precision and performance. Once installed, you won't have to worry about this part again for a long time. It's still best to check your brake light system regularly though, just to make sure no problems develop in other components, such as the wiring and bulbs.