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Metro Molded specializes in developing premium–quality weatherstripping materials for all vehicle makes and models.

Its specialty extends from coating metal parts with sponger rubber to making custom molded products.

The company has at its disposal state–of–the–art equipment and advanced technologies that ensure superior results.

The weatherstripping materials produced by Metro Molded range from door seals, window seals, trunk seals, to cowl seals.

Doors are very important parts of a vehicle. Not only do they facilitate the entry and exit of passengers, but they also protect the occupants from falling off and from harmful road elements. Safety would be greatly compromised if a car doesn't have doors. To ensure that car doors last long, they need to be fitted with a Metro Molded Door Hinge Seal. As its name implies, this seal is placed specifically on the hinge, which is the part that connects the door assembly to the body. The hinge is usually exposed to moisture and dust that can induce rust formation. A door hinge seal is necessary to put of this corrosion. When it comes to high–quality seals, the name to trust is Metro Molded. This company uses advanced manufacturing technology to ensure the quality of all its products. Every Metro Molded Door Hinge Seal is made from premium raw materials and designed with a long straight body and a curved hook on one end. The length of the straight section is 13 ½–inches and the hook is 6–inches. It is specifically designed for the upper door hinge. It comes in pairs to be fitted on the left and right doors. Car owners will be glad to have the Metro Molded Door Hinge Seal in their car because of its durability and unmatched craftsmanship.

It would be incredibly awkward–and hazardous at the same time–if there are no doors to secure the car occupants. However, it's unlikely for a car to be without its doors unless they've been damaged in some way. Too much corrosion or rust build–up is one of the reasons why car doors fail. Installing a new Metro Molded Door Seal is one way of protecting them and prolonging their service life. Using a door seal on the car doors is more practical than getting new ones. A new door seal doesn't cost much and is very easy to install. It is is also beneficial for ensuring passenger comfort because it helps to effectively block out the wind, rain, heat, as well as dust. Car owners can rely on the Metro Molded Door Seal because it is made from durable yet flexible ozone resistant sponge material. And this same flexibile quality makes it easy to install. The jet–black and smooth weatherproofing material comes with clips and pins with its molded ends. Car owners will see the great difference this door seal can make once it's installed. This part's quality is ensured because Metro Molded is a company that has almost nine decades of experience in manufacturing weatherstripping materials. Only state–of–the–art equipment and advanced technology are used by this company to ensure the superior quality of all its products, including the Metro Molded Door Seal.

Weatherstripping is necessary in a vehicle. It ensures comfort and convenience to the car occupants especially during harsh weather conditions. Although one can't notice it outright, the windows have gaps where wind, dust, and moisture–most especially–go through. One must–have material that will prevent penetration of moisture during a heavy downpour is the Metro Molded Window Weatherstrip. Riding in a car that rains inside while there is also a heavy downpour outside is always a hassle. Who would ever get to enjoy the ride when the people inside are drenched even if they are already inside the vehicle? To avoid such scenario, installation of the Metro Molded Window Weatherstrip is necessary. Metro Molded is the name to trust when it comes to superior and reliable weatherstripping materials. Every window weatherstrip is manufactured from SUPERsoft non–absorbent rubber. This rubber is tough yet pliable that car owners won't have a hard time placing it along the arches and corners of the car's windows. The Metro Molded Window Weatherstrip is usually available in pairs of 30 1/4–inch long of rubber strips, which is enough to cover the entire window. Putting on this material is such a breeze that car owners can do it by themselves. Having it in place will ensure the rain stays outside the vehicle, so every ride will be a joy.

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