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If you're having spark plug and overheating issues, there's a chance that your engine is experiencing limited oil flow due to bad valve stem seals. It's also possible to have too much oil flowing through the valve, causing abnormal amounts of hydrocarbon emissions. To prevent such problems, you have to replace your damaged seals immediately. Make sure that your next set of seals will last a long time, hopefully for the rest of your vehicle's service life by using a high-quality Mexico Valve Stem Seal for replacement.

As you may know, the main function of valve stem seals is to control the amount of lubrication in the valve train and combustion chamber. These seals typically give way in older vehicles, resulting in the oil drenching the combustion chamber, pistons and other parts. Such a situation then typically causes incorrect combustion. Many drivers notice their vehicles puff blue smoke during startup when their valve stem seals are bad. The blue smoke usually disappears as the engine warms up. If you don't want your vehicle to display such symptoms, you have to get yourself new seals from the Mexico brand.

You must act quickly the moment you confirm that valve stem seals are indeed the parts responsible for your performance problems. Delaying the replacement job could result in the catalytic converter getting damaged or debris from the bad seals clogging oil passages. Lack of oil will drastically reduce your power and gas mileage. There's also a possibility that the engine itself will get damaged due to the abnormal oil flow. Installing new valve stem seals from a respected brand like Mexico will allow you to avoid these problems that could cost at a lot to fix at the auto repair shop.