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MG Midget Parts and MG Midget Accessories

The MG Midget, as you perhaps gathered from its name, is a small two-seater roadster. It was manufactured by MG, a division of the now-defunct British Motor Corporation (BMC). The first generation of the Midget model came in 1961. The earlier models of the Midget's first generation didn't exactly have their own identity because they were basically badge-engineered versions of the Austin-Healey Sprite sports car, another vehicle from BMC. That changed though when a number of MG Midget parts such as the engine and the brake drums were modified for the latter model years of the generation.

A new generation of the MG Midget came in 1964. The second generation Midget wasn't that different from its predecessor though as the changes were minimal and were mostly limited to parts such as the doors, the hood, and the windshield. This generation of the Midget lasted for only two short years before a new one took over in 1966. Unlike the second generation of the Midget, the third generation introduced more than a few modifications to the model. First, the engine was now more powerful than it was before. The rear axle gear ratio was increased, which resulted in improved fuel efficiency. The Midget's safety features got a boost with additions such as an extra windshield wiper, additional side marker lights, and anti-burst door latches. On top of those, the model's styling was overhauled. In fact, the third-generation Midget was regarded by many as the most beautiful incarnation of the car.

The MG Midget debuted its last generation in 1974. Most of the changes revolved around the styling, which were implemented in order to meet U.S. federal standards. Aside from design modifications, the Midget was also fitted with a new engine. This engine pretty much had the same power as the third-generation Midget's engine, although the latest one was capable of more torque. The last Midget rolled off the assembly line in 1979.

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