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Micro Temp is the name to trust when it comes to high–quality devices like the infrared thermometer.

This company uses first–rate materials and advanced technology in manufacturing its products to ensure their reliability and long service life.

The infrared thermometer made by this company is particularly handy in monitoring temperature inside and outside a vehicle.

A customer won't go wrong in his choice when he gets Micro Temp products.

Temperature is one of the most important factors that a car owner should keep track of. However, he can't do this unless he has a handy and reliable temperature reading device, like the Micro Temp Infrared Thermometer. This digital temperature tracker provides accurate reading whether inside or outside the vehicle. Handling it is never a hassle because of its well–crafted gun grip. Due to this handle, users never have to worry that it will slip out of their hands if ever their palms grow sweaty. No one will ever make any mistake in the temperature reading since it has a big LED screen where the digits are projected in big fonts. Users will never get confused about the results yielded by the Micro Temp Infrared Thermometer because they can set in either Celsius or Fahrenheit modes. The temperature range when the device is in Fahrenheit is 76 to 752, while it has 60 to 400 in Celsius mode. It features a laser sight for pinpoint accuracy as well as maximum temperature. However, its source of power is two AAA batteries, which provides up to 18 hours of continual use. Spare batteries must always be on hand in case the power runs out just when temperature reading is needed. Its manufacturer made use of premium–quality materials for its production to ensure accurate results and long service life. Car owners can feel secure about the results they get if they use the Micro Temp Infrared Thermometer.