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Do you want a simple modification with significant performance gains? Then install a header pipe to your exhaust system. As you know, your factory exhaust system is designed to channel harmful exhaust gases away from the vehicle. Unfortunately, your current system isn't that efficient. A custom header will vastly improve the flow of gases in your exhaust system, so your vehicle can go faster and generate more power. But you can't install just any run-of-the-mill header. If you want the best results, go for a high-quality Miller Header Pipe.

A header pipe changes the exhaust system in such a way that back pressure is prevented and the cylinders don't have to work as much pushing exhaust gases away from the vehicle. The pipe virtually creates a smaller exhaust pipe for every cylinder and channels exhaust gases into a larger central collector. The header is especially designed to perfectly fit under the hood and deliver exhaust gases in a specific sequence according to the firing of the cylinders. The result is the elimination of inefficient back pressure and significant performance gains. If you want these advantages in your vehicle, you have to get yourself a new header pipe from Miller.

Miller manufactures some of the best header pipes in the industry. If you're a modder who wants to turn your vehicle into a high-performing machine, you just can't skip on the tremendous advantages of a header pipe. Be careful though when installing a new header pipe as exhaust leaks are dangerous. Incorrectly installing your new pipe could result in an exhaust leak that may reach the vehicle's cabin. If this happens, you and your passengers will be in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.