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Your headlights are flickering even though you know that your bulbs are perfectly fine. If other electrical components in your vehicle are also acting up, something's probably wrong with your alternator. As you know, the alternator is a mechanical device that generates alternating current while you're driving. Once you confirm that your alternator is failing, replace it right away with a Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Alternator. This premium alternator produces high output with excellent efficiency and low noise.

Electrical problems can develop in several components of your vehicle. If you're having difficulty cranking up the engine, you should check if your ignition distributor is still in good condition or not. As you may know, the ignition distributor is responsible for distributing electrical charge to spark plugs in the engine's cylinders. Over time, the distributor could sustain damage due to wear and tear. For instance, its rotor may burn out, requiring immediate replacement. Not to worry though because you can always replace your bad distributor with a new, heavy-duty Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Ignition Distributor.

If your vehicle suffers from significant power and mileage loss, the problem may not be electric in nature. Instead, try checking the fuel pump as it might not be delivering enough fuel to the engine. As you're probably aware of, the pump is responsible for drawing in fuel to the engine because the fuel tank is typically located at the opposite side of the vehicle. Don't worry though if your pump is indeed bad because you can replace it with a new Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Fuel Pump. This replacement pump is assembled from heavy-duty materials, so it will work flawlessly and last a long time.