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Mitsubishi Catalytic Converter

Automobiles evolved with technology; at the same time, problems on vehicle-caused pollution continuously rose up through time. However, there have been various measures introduced to prevent the scenario from getting worse. One is the use of catalytic converters, which was initiated in the 70s. The US government has likewise, passed a law requiring the use of catalytic converters for gasoline-powered vehicles. Diesel-powered vehicles do not use catalytic converters.

Catalytic converters or simply called the "cats" can also be replaced like most auto parts. If you have a gasoline-powered Mitsubishi that needs replacement catalytic converter, it is important that you replace it right away to avoid harmful emissions. As the name implies, the Mitsubishi catalytic converter "converts" the harmful exhausts into carbon dioxide and water, which are not harmful to the environment when released from the vehicle.

Just like your car's engine, the Mitsubishi catalytic converter gets extremely hot while it works to clean the harmful exhaust gas. Thus, when the more harmful exhaust the engine produces, the hotter the catalytic converter can be. When your Mitsubishi catalytic converter gets too hot to the point of glowing because of extreme heat, it can easily be damaged. At this point you must be extra cautious of your catalytic converter. Symptoms of damaged cats are loss of power, heat coming out from the floor of the vehicle and sulfuric smell. Rusts may also develop since moisture may react with the iron in steel and iron oxide being produced.

If you are using leaded fuel for your Mitsubishi car or SUV, the catalytic converter can be more prone to damage since lead produces coating on the platinum honeycomb inside the Mitsubishi converter. Removing your car's catalytic converter is not permissible in almost all states; thus, if your Mitsubishi catalytic converter needs replacement, get a new Mitsubishi catalytic converter as soon as possible and have it replaced by an experienced mechanic.