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Mitsubishi Eclipse Ac Compressor

Troubleshooting Your Mitsubishi Eclipse AC Compressor

Part of the air conditioning system that keeps you cool inside the car, the Mitsubishi Eclipse AC compressor pumps the liquid refrigerant to be used at the expansion valve. Without it, the entire system won't work properly as the refrigerant can't cycle through it. If you are experiencing any of the problems below, then there might be something wrong with the AC compressor.


Sounds coming from the air conditioning system are some of the most common problems drivers encounter. If you hear a rattling or any loud noise from the component, then this means that the AC compressor is dying and that you have to replace it as soon as possible. However, it can also be caused by a cross-contaminated refrigerant, too much air in the system, or the wrong type of compressor lubricant. Test for these three causes first before buying a new AC compressor.

Intermittent cooling

If your car's air conditioning unit is blowing cold air and then shooting out a warm breeze, then the system might be freezing. Ice can form inside if there is too much moisture present, causing the AC tubing to clog. Air conditioning systems should generally contain only 2% of air-if there's more present, cooling performance gets lowered. To test for this problem, you will need refrigerant identifier equipment. However, this tool can be expensive, so if you don't have access to it, then it's better to take your car to a mechanic.

Another possible cause for this is when the low-pressure cutout switch is faulty, which can prevent the AC compressor from running if the refrigerant level is low. If the switch is reading incorrectly, it can keep the compressor from coming on.

No cool air

If you don't feel any cool air coming from the AC unit, then the system might be out of refrigerant. This can be caused by a leaky AC compressor, O-ring, seal, or hose, and requires immediate attention. If you neglect this problem, the magnetic clutch will not engage due to low pressure. This clutch is there to protect the AC compressor from getting damaged by a lack of lubrication. Immediately check for compressor engagement-if you see that the clutch is not moving, check for wiring or blown fuse problems. Be careful in looking for the underlying cause of this problem as not doing so will only cause the new component to fail again.

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