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Mitsubishi Eclipse Hood

Factory standard hoods are plain and sometimes boring. And whether we like it or not, the hood can detract the car's appearance since it is one of its most visible parts. In such case, aftermarket and custom hoods can help. To add even more style to your vehicle, the hood can easily be matched to other exterior parts and accessories such as spoilers, fender flares and ground effects kit. Customized hoods can come with a built-in scoops, vents or custom contours to greatly alter the car's appearance.

But more than that, the hood plays a very significant job in your vehicle. The hood is basically designed to cover the engine of your car. It also defends the engine from the damages that may be brought by the outside environment. Aside from the engine, the hood also covers other major contraptions in your car like the engine parts, the condenser and the radiator. And because of this job, your car's hood needs to be rigid and durable enough. It is really unadvisable and undesirable to drive your car without its hood, so once your hood got damaged or dented, have it repaired or replaced immediately.

Aftermarket and replacement hoods come in great variety. They are offered in various designs, materials and sizes to cater the needs of different vehicle models. Mitsubishi Eclipse hoods are just among the wide array of hoods in the market. Aimed to adorn and to serve your Mitsubishi Eclipse car, Mitsubishi Eclipse hoods are made of materials far more superior than other kinds of hoods. Mitsubishi Eclipse hoods are available in fiber glass, race-weight fiberglass and ultra lightweight carbon fiber. The two lightweight materials are designed more for racing than for street use.

When looking for replacement Mitsubishi Eclipse hood, you have to consider two important things - construction and style. Style because from a head-on view, the hood is the first thing that catches everyone's attention and construction because the location of your Mitsubishi Eclipse hood makes it a subject to high levels of stress, brought by air pressure. You can also choose Mitsubishi Eclipse hoods with a hood scoop. This feature can be made not just for style, but they can also be very functional. Mitsubishi Eclipse hood scoops can pull cool outside air into the engine to give it better performance. One of the newest and highest quality materials used in Mitsubishi Eclipse hoods is carbon fiber. Mitsubishi hoods made from this kind of material are believed to be lighter than their metal counterparts and more durable than units made of fiberglass.

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