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Mitsubishi Eclipse Oil Pan

Finding Problems Due to a Mitsubishi Eclipse Oil Pan

A good supply of oil is vital to run your car. For the Eclipse, this should be stored and ready to go inside a sturdy Mitsubishi Eclipse oil pan. The car is so fun and enjoyable to drive that it may be too late before you notice something's wrong with your sporty car. A rough engine or bad driving habits are the usual causes associated with a broken oil pan. That's why it is very important to find the earliest signs of punctures and leaks before you end up stranded on the side of the road. Read this guide to help you find the symptoms of a Mitsubishi Eclipse oil pan.

Oil puddles and trails

The clearest and most obvious sign of a Mitsubishi Eclipse oil pan problem is seeing some form of oil leak on the ground. A puddle of oil may be seen directly under the engine when the car is parked. You may also find your Eclipse leaving a trail of sludge when you drive. Punctures are usually caused by driving over rough roads. The lowered base of the car makes it easily vulnerable to jagged rocks and other pointy objects. If the pan is still intact, a worn gasket may result to oil passing through.

Sudden oil-pressure drop

If you happen to drive with a Mitsubishi Eclipse bad oil pan installed, and you didn't notice the trail of oil you leave behind-or someone diligently cleans the puddle of oil your parked car leaves before you see it-it's hard to disregard the drop in the oil-pressure gauge. Along with it, there may also be a clicking noise that signifies an emptied oil pan. The drop is also caused by oil leaking out of the pan's loose seals. This usually happens when the engine gets hot enough for the oil to expand and look for openings it can pass through.

Smoke and burns

If you still didn't notice the leaks and drop in pressure, the worst thing that could happen to you is you end up with an engine giving off too much smoke (either color white or blue) and a burnt scent. By this time, not only would this mean replacing a Mitsubishi oil pan, but also reworking your car's engine and exhaust. Take note that this type of problem is not unique to a broken oil pan. On the first sign of smoke and burns, get your car checked at once to figure out the problem.

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  • Ways to Keep Your Mitsubishi Eclipse Oil Pan Working

    Taking care of your Mitsubishi Eclipse oil pan is just as important as taking care of the other components of your car. Problems can arise because of a poorly maintained part. You don't want to drive a car with a pan that has a leak. Without enough oil to supply to the engine, you might end up with a powerhouse requiring major and costly repairs. Prevent this from happening by doing some regular maintenance to the Mitsubishi Eclipse oil pan to make sure it's always ready to do its job. The perfect time to perform these is during your car's scheduled oil change.

    • Good, old-fashioned cleaning
    • As far as maintenance and care goes, one can never go wrong with a regular, good, and old-fashioned cleaning of the Mitsubishi Eclipse oil pan. The near-ground location of the oil pan greatly exposes it to materials that could potentially puncture and damage the part. Even small particles can build up to become a threat. Simply wipe the body of the pan to get rid of any dirt surrounding it. Other than the dirt on the oil pan itself, wipe off the oil on the areas near the gaskets and seals. The presence of oil can negatively affect the strength those seals.
    • Plug upkeep
    • The oil drain plug is the small screw that keeps the oil inside the Mitsubishi Eclipse oil pan. An old, worn, or dirty plug can also be a threat to the quality of the oil pan. Force it in there and it can create a larger hole that will allow oil to leak. Even with a good plug, forgetting to return it to the pan with its washer can cause problems. A bad plug also deteriorates the surrounding of the hole it is inserted in. To prevent this from happening, it's a good idea to regularly keep it clean. Another way is to replace it with a larger and stronger one to ensure it acts as a good stopper.
    • Seal and gasket replacement
    • Thin or worn seals and gaskets of a Mitsubishi Eclipse oil pan can also cause problems if left alone. Replace these as well when you give your car an oil change. Just make sure that you clean the area of where the old gasket used to be before you apply the new seal. There are gaskets sold specifically designed to fit for the Eclipse. A silicon sealant also does a good job of keeping the oil in.