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Mitsubishi Exhaust System

Any vehicle, including your Mitsubishi vehicle is composed of different parts and different systems with different functions. Mitsubishi vehicles have a starting system, combustion system, electrical system, air intake system, fuel injection system and an exhaust system. Each of this system is comprised of different components that work hand in hand to serve its purpose. Mitsubishi exhaust system is composed of an exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe and seal, catalytic converter, muffler resonator, tail pipe and heat shields. And what is the task of the exhaust system in Mitsubishi vehicles? Well, the exhaust system got to primary roles. One is to drive out the waste gases produced in the combustion chamber into the air. To lessen the noise created as a result of the expulsion of such gases is the second function of the exhaust system.

The exhaust manifold is a collection of pipes which collects the gases from the engines cylinders and then directs them to the exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe connects the exhaust manifold and the muffler units and in latest engines incorporates the catalytic converter in between. The exhaust manifold is usually made of cast or nodular iron while the exhaust pipe is made of either aluminized steel, stainless steel or zinc plated heavy-gauge steel. Exhaust manifolds are available in a variety of designs depending on the type of engine (in-line, V type, etc) and the depending on the number of cylinders in use, three, four, six, and so on. An in-line engine has a single exhaust manifold while the engine that is of V type kind have an exhaust manifold facing each bank of cylinders and each cylinder is provided with a solo passage which merges into a single passage that connects to the exhaust pipe. But nowadays, V type engines are already equipped with a dual type exhaust manifolds.

Time will come that your Mitsubishi exhaust manifold will break down, maybe because of constant use. If this thing happens, what would you do? Of course, you will look for replacements. Auto parts store can provide you with your needed parts, but you have to spend much of your time walking around the town. Why not try to search for replacement Mitsubishi exhaust manifolds from the net? You will find an array of auto parts in just a mere click of the mouse!