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Mitsubishi Galant Hubcaps

Spotting and Fixing Mitsubishi Galant Hubcaps Troubles

One of the best ways to convert your Mitsubishi Galant from a tame mid-size car to a cool sports car (at least on the outside) is to add stylish hubcaps. Normally offered as an upgrade, hubcaps give the wheels some weather protection, which prevents the lugs and studs from corroding and rusting. They also prevent loose lugs from falling off and getting lost on the road. Although considered as unnecessary car accessories, the hubcaps can be quite expensive. So if your vehicle has them, then it helps to know how you can repair them and escape from buying replacements. Here are some troubleshooting tips for your Mitsubishi Galant hubcaps.

Removing dings and dents

So you hit the curb and dinged your Mitsubishi Galant hubcaps, but you don't want to head to the shop and come out penniless. If you are moderately DIY capable then you can put your wallet back in your pocket and roll your sleeves. Use the adjustable wrench to loosen the nuts from the bolts, and remove the hubcap from the wheel. Mix water and denture cleaner in a cup. Dunk a piece of cloth in the mixture and use it to wipe the dented area clean. Once cleaned, place the hubcap on a thick folded towel and tap the dented area gently with the rubber hammer. Gently tap until the dented part has smoothed out or at least on the same surface level with the rest of the hubcap. If the dent is pretty major, then you can use pointed body hammer and crowned body hammer for a more focused repair. And then finish up with teardrop mallet.

Removing scratches

Hubcaps are only as good as how they look. Sad but true. With the constant exposure to the road, the hubcaps are prone to minor scratches that can turn into major rust spots. Sometimes, getting rid of hubcaps scratches can be as easy as just cleaning and polishing them. Apply plastic cleaner on the hubcap and use a damp sponge to spread the cleaner. Wipe in circular motion and focus on the scratched area.Wipe the hubcap with a microfiber towel until the polish is gone. Check the scratches, if they are still there then scrub the scratch with soaked 600-grit sandpaper. When done, wipe it down again with a microfiber towel again and reapply plastic cleaner.

Noisy hubcaps

Bent or broken clips can cause the squeaky and rattling noises. Check the condition of your clips. Bent clips can be straightened out with a hairdryer and mild hammering. If the clips are broken then you would need to replace the entire hubcap.


When repairing dents, use consistent pressure on the tapping motion and frequently check the other side of the dent to monitor its progress. You can adjust the tapping pressure depending on the progress of the dent.

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  • Keeping Your Mitsubishi Galant Hubcaps Flashy

    Hubcaps play a very minor role in protecting your wheels. Most people even drive without them. But if you are one of the vehicle owners who value aesthetics, then your car probably has hubcaps. Most car enthusiasts think that hubcaps are car gods' gift to vehicles and are willing to pay the price to keep them looking great. This is because having Mitsubishi Galant hubcaps changes your boring mid-sized car into a sporty head-turner. Here are cost-effective ways to keep your hubcaps in their celebrity-worthy condition.

    Sparkling clean

    There are only a few things more offensive than dingy looking hubcaps. If you wish to support your Galant's cool image, then keep your hubcaps spotless. It only takes a few minutes of your time and you don't even have to remove the hubcaps from the wheels. Hose down the hubcaps with water to remove the dirt, grime and mud. To avoid leaving unseen debris, make sure you spray behind the hubcaps as well. You can use a lamb's wool mitt soaked in water and liquid car wash soap, to scrub the hubcaps thoroughly. Scrub the stubborn grime between crevices with a soft bristled brush. Hose it down again and dry with a terry cloth towel. Use a microfiber cloth to apply car wax on the hubcaps and let dry. Finally, wipe with another clean microfiber towel to buff.

    Keep the rust off

    Like any metal parts, the hubcaps are prone to rust because of the scratches and dings they are constantly subjected to. Rust are quite deceiving, so to be sure, remove the hubcaps and inspect them thoroughly. Once you found the rust area, rub it with an aluminum foil dipped in water. Buff the hubcaps with a polishing paste and a fine steel wool.


    Just like women's nails, worn hubcaps can ruin your Mitsubishi Galant's overall look. When you find that cleaning and buffing is not enough then you may want to repaint your hubcaps. Repainting will revive your old hubcaps, and can liven up the entire vehicle as well. Remove the hubcaps and wash them with a degreaser. Wash them with soap and water to remove grime and dirt and let dry. Sand the hubcaps with 600-grit sandpaper then wash them again with soap and water. Figure out what kind of hubcaps you have then you can spray the appropriate primer and paint. Place the hubcaps on a piece of newspaper and evenly spray with primer then let it sit to dry. Spray another coat. Once the second coat of primer is dry, spray paint the hubcaps and make sure that you allow the paint to dry before applying another coat. Once satisfied with the paint, seal the color in with a coat of clear paint.