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Mitsubishi Lancer Fender

Troubleshooting Mitsubishi Lancer Fender Issues

Your Mitsubishi Lancer fender is always at the forefront on the road. It takes in a lot of impact during collision and for a good reason-to protect other car parts from sustaining damage. Fenders are typically made from thin materials, so they are easily damaged usually. Below are some problems associated with a Mitsubishi Lancer fender:


A side collision can create deep and hollow indentations on your fender. These unsightly pockmarks can be removed from the fenders by lightly pounding on the dents with a hammer. The hammering should even out the depressions. Make sure, though, that you don't apply too much pressure. Otherwise, the dents will turn into protrusions.

Alternatively, you can use a dent puller to pull out the dent on the fender. You need to drill small holes into the dent where you can insert the puller. On most occasions, you can remove the indentations even while the fender is still connected to your car. For deeper gouges, you need to unfasten the fender from the car before working on the hollows. Once the dent has been smoothed over, sand the dented area to give the fender a smooth finish.


Old vehicles are likely to have corroded fenders after years of use. Like dents, rust on fenders look unappealing and has to be removed. Getting rid of the rust not only restores the appearance of your car's fender; it also prevents more corrosion from eating away other parts of the fender.

Sanding away the affected area helps in removing loose rust and in smoothening the fender's surface. Spraying the fender with a rust fix product will prevent corrosion from building up again. Apply coats of primer only when the fender has completely dried.

Flaking paint

Scratches and old paint on a fender are most likely to flake overtime. Painting over flaking paint will result in botched paintwork (uneven surface and color). Make sure to scrape the old paint from the fender first before applying a new coat of paint over it. Sand the surface to smoothen the rough surface before spreading over the primer and paint.

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