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Mitsubishi Mirage Headers

The Mitsubishi Mirage has had its good days, especially during those times when the car was considered a performance vehicle. In the midst of the financial trouble, however, Mitsubishi failed to provide the car with improvements necessary to make it competitive. In the late 1990s, the vehicle's popularity started declining and in 2003, Mitsubishi decided to discontinue the production. Today, most Mitsubishi Mirage vehicles are nothing but plain old cars, although still capable, thanks to the reliable and long lasting parts that Mitsubishi has suited it with. In terms of performance, however, it is viewed as nothing but strictly basic transportation.

There are ways, however, to make the Mitsubishi Mirage perform better. Equipped with decent 4-cylinder and V6 engines and a lot of reliable drive train and power train parts, any year model of the Mitsubishi Mirage can definitely beat the competition in terms or performance. It's just a matter of knowing what components to remove and what performance parts or accessories to add. One of the easiest ways to make the Mitsubishi Mirage perform better is to replace its stock exhaust manifold with high-performance Mitsubishi Mirage headers.

Headers are high performance exhaust manifolds that can be used to replace the existing exhaust manifold of a car. Different exhaust headers have different ways of making the engine perform better and produce more power. In general, though, these components try to reduce the power loss caused by the back pressure in stock exhaust manifolds. Usually taking the form of equal length steel or aluminum pipes that can be fitted on each engine exhaust valve, headers allow the exhaust coming off the individual valves to flow better. Some headers also have a "scavenging effect", helping pull exhaust gases out of the engine's cylinder heads to improve performance.

There are a lot of Mitsubishi Mirage headers available in the market and most of them can help make your Mitsubishi Mirage perform better. Beware, though, of mass-produced aftermarket headers that look crude and have a lot of rough edges as these can't help your cause. Rather, go for custom Mitsubishi Mirage headers that are carefully fabricated inside and out for these can help maximize the flow of exhaust.

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