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Cabin temperature is not just a matter of convenience. In reality, the condition inside your vehicle cabin also affects your driving efficiency. For one, extreme temperature can be distracting, and that alone is dangerous. In addition to that, the wrong temperature can affect the temperament of a person. And, temperament is such a big deal when you're behind the wheel, facing the road ahead for a long journey. These arguments support the great need for top quality HVAC parts, and all these you can get from Modine.

The company is already a leader in the thermal management industry-in terms of age and expertise. For one, it has been in the market since 1916, an active manufacturer of a wide range of thermal management components. And two, it is a leading name in various industries, having devoted years of developing parts for different applications and markets. Some of the achievements of Modine over the decades are the more than 2,400 patents that it has introduced. Other than that, its many products are found in a broad range of parts in a wide array of industries. Its influence reaches far and wide.

Some of the popular parts that the company offers for the auto industry are its Modine A/C condenser and evaporator. These are directly involved in circulating the refrigerant throughout the A/C system to maintain efficient heat absorption and heat dissipation processes. Other than automotive, among the other industries in which the brand is engaged in are off-highway equipment and built heating and ventilation systems.