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The various fluids in your vehicle are there for a reason-to cool certain car parts, to lubricate components and reduce the presence of friction, as well as to transmit force from one component to another. As long as they retain their original properties, these fluids work well in performing their functions. The only thing that you have to ensure for these elements to deliver well is to check them now and then and see that they don't leak. Molina is at your side in this endeavor.

The company is a leading manufacturer of different types of automotive gaskets and sealing devices. It offers gaskets made from rubber and plastic materials, silicone, and even liquid gaskets. It also offers complete gasket and sealing kits for a wide range of auto makes and models. All of these come with OEM characteristics, designed to work with other stock parts with no problem. Each also comes with a warranty from Molina, the assurance of its good quality and its reliability.

Two of the top parts from this manufacturer are its Molina automatic transmission pan gasket and its valve cover gasket. The first is designed for preventing the leak of the transmission fluid while the second is for sealing the valve train and keeping the oil from leaking. Leaks on the involved systems are dangerous as they can lead not only to poor performance but as well as to the damage of certain components. Therefore, no matter how small the gaskets mounted in these assemblies, these parts are crucial to the operation and condition of the said systems. They could spell the difference between good performance and poor condition.