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Got a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or Ram vehicle in your garage? If you do, trust only one name when it comes to all your automotive replacements and upgrades-trust only Mopar Performance! This is a leading manufacturer of auto parts that are specifically designed for the mentioned vehicle makes, from service parts to performance components and even car accessories, and from parts as major as lights and pumps to as small as plugs and seals.

The company has been offering top-of-the-line automotive components for many years now. It offers both OEM parts and aftermarket performance upgrades for a wide range of vehicles. Mopar Performance has performance parts for all street rides, from intake parts to exhaust components, plus add-ons like sound systems. For high-performance cars designed for speed, the company offers a wide range of engine parts like the cylinder head and the engine block. It also offers parts and add-ons like rock rails and bumpers for offroad vehicles. And if you're into restoration projects, you can also find complete parts from the brand, not just the basic car components but as well as stylish and customized additions like decals and nameplates.

The company offers both individual parts like Mopar Performance shackles and Mopar Performance clutch rod, as well as complete sets like a Mopar Performance cap and rotor kit. Some of the major parts offered by the company come with a limited lifetime warranty, and most are designed to meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The company also offers rebuilt and remanufactured components, all of which have undergone stringent processes from the disassembly of the original parts to the testing of the final components.