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Protectant by Mothers

A Brief Guide to Using Mothers Protectant

There are several products in the market that promise to keep your car components protected from harsh elements. One of them is Mothers Protectant. This product contains a special formula that cleans and polishes rubber, fiberglass, and plastic components in your vehicle. Unlike other brands that have limited product variety, Mothers Protectant has different car-care products and each of them targets a specific need and requirement. If you want to know more about them, read on.

Mothers Reflections Advanced Tire Care

  • What makes this product great: Mothers Protectant Advanced Tire Care contains a non-acidic formulation that is safe to use on rubber tires. It is a spray-on product that's very convenient to use. It penetrates and dissolves hardened brake dust, oil, dirt, and grime. This product does not only keep your tires clean, it also protects them from heat and moisture. It leaves a satin-like substance that shields your tires from harmful elements such as water and UV rays.

  • Where is it applicable? Recommended for all types and kinds of rubber tires. Don't use it on aluminum, anodized, or billet wheels; when applied on these finishes, this product can cause discoloration.

Mothers Protectant

  • What makes this product great: It is specifically formulated to recondition and maintain the looks of your rubber, vinyl, plastic, and fiberglass car components. It provides a thin coating of oil that acts as a protective layer against UV rays and smog. Plus, it leaves a fresh and clean scent that lasts for weeks.

  • Where is it applicable? Works great on any unpainted vinyl or rubber component. It can be applied on both opaque and light-colored plastics.

Mothers Back-to-Black

  • What makes this product great: Over time, plastic components dry, fade, and crack. Mothers Back-to-Black is created to address those specific issues. It contains chemicals that enhance and maintain the molecular bonds of plastic materials to keep them intact for a long time. Another benefit you'll get from this protectant is its ability to preserve the original black or gray color of exterior parts such as moldings, trims, and bumpers.

  • Where is it applicable: Recommended for exterior care of bumpers, window trims, and door handles. This is the safest product to use for colored or painted car components such as bumper covers and hood.

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Mothers Protectant Articles

  • What You Can Expect from a Mothers Protectant

    A bottle of Mothers Protectant is all you need to safeguard just about any part of your vehicle. Dirt and dust from your bumpers and door handles can be eliminated when you use this special product. It also protects the plastic, vinyl, metal, and glass components from harmful sun rays. But is this product really effective? Some people are still in doubt despite the benefits this item has to offer. To set things straight, check out the following ratings:

    Is it effective? (4/5 stars)

    A few coatings of Mothers Protectant are enough to keep your vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, or plastic car components well protected for 30 days. After application, there's a noticeable thin layer of film-like substance that helps reduce water marks on windshield and bumper. The door handles, wiper arms, and window trims remain shiny and polished for weeks. This product also smells great. It leaves a clean scent; you won't even need a car air freshener. Because of the long-term effects of Mothers Protectant, it deserves four out of five stars.

    Is it easy to apply? (5/5 stars)

    Mothers Protectant comes in a spray bottle for easy and simple application. It has an adjustable nozzle that lets you control the amount of fluid that comes out of the bottle. During application, simply prepare a clean rag. After spraying the product on car components, wait for a few seconds to allow full absorption. After that, wipe the surfaces with a clean rag to keep them looking shiny and new. Because Mothers Protectant is very convenient to use, it is worthy of five stars

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    When it comes to price, Mothers Protectant gets five stars. A bottle of this product doesn't even cost $30, but the benefits that it offers are plenty. It's an all-in-one product that is very efficient as a cleaner and a polisher, too. Also, you don't have to buy this product often because one bottle is enough to last for a couple of months. Truly, Mothers Protectant is worthy of your every penny.

    Overall rating: 4/5