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A 3-Step Guide to Transmission Mount Installation

The transmission mount is found in between the cross-member and the transmission tailing housing. Its role is to basically keep the rear of the transmission to the cross-member so that the transmission won't rise when under torque. Overtime, the mount would crack because of torque. For you to have a safe trip at all times, you should have a new one installed. Here's a quick guide to help you out so that you can do it in your own home.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • Jack stands
  • Jack
  • Ratchet set
  • Transmission mount replacement
  • Basic preparations

    Park your car on a level ground and set the emergency brake. Using a jack, lift your vehicle off the ground and place the jack stands at the support points. Go under your automobile and look for the faulty transmission mount. Take the jack and slip it underneath the transmission so that you can slightly raise it off the ground. This will also take the weight off the mount.

    Removal of the transmission mount

    Once you've located the transmission mount, take it out. Use your ratchet set to remove the bolt found at the center of the mount. After doing so, you should be able to remove the old transmission mount. Pull it off from the metal beam and the transmission. Then, with your new transmission mount, insert it between the transmission and the metal beam, where the previous one used to be located.

    Doing the finishing touches

    After you've installed the new transmission mount, you can now replace the bolt back in place that's located at the center of the mount. With the same ratchet set that you used, carefully tighten back the bolt. Lift the vehicle using the jack, take out the jack stands, and lower the vehicle. And voila! You're job is done and you can now drive your car with a new transmission mount.

    Safety tip

    Since you're going to be working underneath your car, make sure to wear protective eyewear. Metal, fluid, or dirt can fall off and can hit your eyes. So, wear safety goggles or glasses to prevent them from hitting your eyes.

    Mount Articles

    • Westar vs. Beck Arnley: The Mission for a New Transmission Mount

      Looking for a transmission mount is quite simple because there are a lot of brands to choose from. The hard part is finally coming up with the decision on which one to choose. Two brands can't help but play tug-of-war inside your mind because they are deemed to be two of the best ones. Westar and Beck Arnley are two of the top transmission mount choices, but you just have to settle for one. To help you with your mission, here's a quick guide.

      Product range

      Since Westar and Beck Arnley are two of the best brands, they also have a long list of product lines. Beck Arnley has 837 different transmission mounts to choose from. On the other hand, Westar has 1,752, which is almost times two of what Beck Arnley offers. That's a lot of different transmission mounts that you can decide on.

      WINNER: Westar


      When looking for a replacement part, its material should always be considered as well, depending if it's compatible with your car. Westar is made of high-grade materials that assure every potential buyer that it's durable and rigid and can weather any kind of road condition. On the other hand, Beck Arnley is made of premium materials that make the transmission mount last longer than expected.

      WINNER: Westar and Beck Arnley


      Westar is well known for producing top-of-the-line products. If you're fond of going on off-road adventures, then the Westar transmission mount is for you. It's corrosion resistant and you can finish your journey with the mount still in one piece. The Beck Arnley transmission mount is intended to fit and work just like your original transmission mount.

      WINNER: Westar

      The verdict

      It's quite obvious that the brand that bagged all the categories is Westar. Though Beck Arnley is also part of the top two brands that every driver buys, Westar is still better at some characteristics. So, if you're looking for a really durable and heavy-duty transmission mount that can weather any road condition, the one from Westar is what you should definitely settle for to experience that optimum performance that your car deserves.