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Are you a speeder? If you are, you must realize that there are different threats to your driving safety, both natural threats and man-made threats. And, your vehicle must always be ready to avoid or fight off these threats. Well, Mountain, a trusted auto parts manufacturer, is focusing its efforts on the production of high-quality parts designed to address the most common threats faced by speeders-not only the threat of being caught by the authorities and being charged for over speeding but, even more important, the threat of getting involved in accidents caused by driving too fast.

The company is trying to address the mentioned threat and prevent speed-related accidents by offering the most important components of the disc brake and drum brake assemblies. It offers a Mountain brake drum and brake disc, the heart of the braking system. These parts provide the surface that the brake shoes and brake pads need for them to be able to produce friction, the main element that brings your vehicle to a complete stop. The company manufactures these parts with a quality comparable to OE equipment. This only means that these are built to be compatible with other original parts. So, you won't have to worry about possible problems once the components are installed.

The drums and rotors offered by Mountain are equipped with advanced design and engineering. These are lighter compared to other offered parts in the market, so they don't add much load to your vehicle. The rotors are properly vented and designed for efficient dissipation of heat, ensuring that the brakes won't overheat and cause problems as you bring your vehicle to a halt. And, they are built from very tough materials, designed not to easily succumb to all the forces and the heat involved in braking.