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Clutches and brakes-these are the specialties of Nabtresco. The company is into motion control technology, and it is invading a wide range of industries. It manufactures a complete selection of precision equipment, hydraulic parts, industrial components, and transport devices. Although its main headquarters are in Japan, the company has already reached a global network and it already supplies a huge range of parts to the industries that it serves.

In the transport industry, the company serves three areas: railroad, marine, and automotive. For the latter, the company is focusing on the braking system and the clutch assembly. It offers complete hydraulic parts for the said systems, together with a wide range of kits. Some of the parts that you will get from the brand are its Nabtesco clutch slave cylinder, Nabtesco brake master cylinder, and Nabtesco wheel cylinder. Other than these, you'll find complete hardware kit for the brakes to help you with all your installation needs. Lastly, the company also offers repair kits for both the brakes and clutch, all designed to help you keep the said assemblies in top shape.

Side by side its operation in manufacturing and offering high-quality auto parts, Nabtresco is also implementing company-wide policies pertaining to environmental protection. This roots from the company's beliefs that its operations have a significant impact on the environment and from its goal to create an environment that is friendly to people and to the earth. In fact, its plants boast of ISO 14001 certification, exhibiting high standards in their operations to ensure the least impact on the environment.