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When it comes to your vehicle, you got to trust only the best out there. And yes, even with regards to the smallest parts and hardware in your ride. And when it comes to crucial parts, you got to trust a company with long years of experience. With almost a decade of operation backing up Nachi, what more could you ask for? The company had been in business since 1928, and it is already one of the most established and trusted companies today.

The company offers a complete range of machine tools and cutting parts. It even manufactures robots for a wide range of applications, plus specialized types of steel for use in heavy-duty fields. For the automotive industry, the brand is specializing in the manufacture of bearings for different automotive assemblies. Some of the bearings that it offers are the following: the Nachi pilot bearing, Nachi wheel bearing, and the Nachi distributor bearing. These are OE replacement components designed to match the stock set-up of the different assemblies in your vehicle.

So, how important are these bearings, and what makes those from Nachi a better choice compared to other bearings out there? Well, bearings are simple devices that allow movement between two parts without the damaging effects of friction. The bearings from the company are advanced and are better options compared to other bearings. For one, these parts do not require periodic maintenance. Some of its bearings also have a self-alignment capability, large capacity for radial load, as well as the ability to handle both radial load and axial load. There are also bearings designed for special applications, specifically built for heavy duty set-ups like those that suffer from very high temperatures.