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Bearings. They're nothing but simple hardware. They are supporting components, used in different parts and systems in your vehicle. They allow the smooth movement of certain automotive parts, reducing instances of damage and promoting only an efficient operation. But, bearings affect not just the efficiency of the parts that they support-even their lifespan. Knowing this, NDC ventures into the bearing business and now offers a wide range of bearings for a wide range of vehicles.

Some of the parts that you can get from the company are its connecting rod bearings, thrust washer bearings, and camshaft bearings. It also offers bushing for various parts like the balancer, and it has complete bearing sets. It offers a complete NDC main bearing set, a kit of bearings designed to provide support for the crankshaft. Another kit from the brand is the rod bearing set, complete bearings used in the connecting rod of your vehicle. With all these parts, you have option to go for individual components or to choose parts in a kit instead.

And out of all the many choices being offered in the market today, you can be sure that NDC is one of the best. It has tough manufacturing standards, and all parts built by the company are measured using these standards to ensure that they will deliver. Testing is also done intensively, so the weaknesses of all manufactured parts are easily addressed. As a result, all parts released by the company are top of their class. The brand is also promoting the recycle, reuse, and reduction of wastes in its operations, partnering with likeminded entities to promote social responsibility.