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Rubber is a pretty weak material, but it has characteristics that make it an ideal option in certain applications. And when processed well, rubber can result in materials that are tough yet flexible, durable and efficient. And NDK, one of the leading players in the auto industry, is in the manufacture of high-quality rubber parts for different automotive components. It offers seals of high quality, designed for the toughest conditions. Seals in general are designed to tightly close any gap between two mating surfaces. They are built to provide a leak-free seal to keep water and air from seeping out.

The company uses advanced manufacturing technologies and modern engineering methods in the production of its parts. It manufactures a wide range of seals for performance components, as well as many other related assemblies. Some of the sealing materials that you can get from the brand are its NDK drive axle seal, NDK crankshaft seal, and NDK seal ring. These are designed to remain flexible and long-lasting despite their harsh working environment.

Like all other components in your vehicle, however, these parts also wear out over time. Wear and tear is normal as the parts age, and you need to pay attention to the said components to monitor their condition regularly. Check out for cracks and other signs of failure such as drying out. Also, if you notice any leak, it's one of the most obvious indications that the parts have failed. But, aside from checking the seals, you must also check the main components to determine whether they are still in good shape or if they're also having problems. If you find that the seals are damaged, replace them with new NDK parts immediately.