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Many of the parts in your vehicle have already evolved, becoming more advanced and easier to operate over the years. The manual windows have now evolved into power windows, for instance. You might not know, though, that cars are already equipped with a wide range of electrical components even before, prior to the development of many advanced electronic innovations found in vehicles today. And when it comes to electronic automotive components, nothing beats New Era.

Founded in the 1930s, the company offers a wide range of components for use in different applications. New Era offers electrical parts such as battery relays, contact point sets, condensers, and starter solenoids. These are built for different automobiles, designed for easy installation and for long-lasting performance. They're also built to complement today's advanced electronic systems, plus they're built with zero defects. So, you can be sure that they won't have problems once installed. These parts are crucial to keeping your car's electrical system in top shape, and they're among the products that take the lead in the market.

Aside from the mentioned components above, one of the most popular products from the company is its New Era voltage regulator. A voltage regulator is designed to protect parts and to keep them properly functioning. How? Well, by simply maintaining the amount of voltage supplied to the said components. Too much voltage and the parts may become damaged, too little and they might not work well. With the voltage regulator in action, the right amount of electricity is maintained and efficient operation is achieved. And, you have the company to thank that for.