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When it comes to keeping your vehicle brakes working in top shape, there are three major braking components that you need to focus on: the pads, the rotors, and the calipers. The pads and the rotors are the components that generate friction, but the friction generation process won't take place effectively unless the calipers work well in exerting the right amount of force on the pads. To ensure that your brakes will always be up to par, equip your vehicle only with calipers from NHT calipers.

The company is a leading remanufacturer of brake calipers. It offers its parts in pair, equipped with attractive and protective coating. The brand boasts of QS9000-certified facilities used in the manufacture of its components. All parts are assembled using stringent processes and standards from cleaning to reassembly. The components of the calipers are replaced with brand new ones, applied with rust protection and powder coating, and then tested for leakage. With all these processes, you have the guarantee that you'll get only a reliable component from NHT calipers.

Other than being reliable, each NHT calipers brake caliper is also built for style and appeal. The parts from the brand come with coating that gives them a glossy and cool appearance. But, this isn't just for flare, mind you. The said coating makes the calipers resistant to dust and road dirt-it repels off the said elements and prevents them from sticking on the caliper surface. The coating remains for a long time, even with the parts' exposure to extreme heat. Depending on the caliper that you get, it may also include such add-ons as the brake bleeder hose and pad mounting hardware, brake silencing kit, and the installation guide-perfect for DIYing.