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Friction is a powerful element. Although it is a common cause of problems among many of the systems in your ride, it is also useful in various other assemblies like the brakes and the clutch. It is friction that brings your vehicle to a stop, and it is friction that makes the engagement between the engine and transmission possible. Nippon Clutch is a leading manufacturer in the auto parts market, which focuses on friction and harnesses its power in keeping vehicles functioning well.

The company manufactures a wide range of parts for the brakes and clutch, parts designed to contribute in the production of friction. If offers a Nippon Clutch clutch disc and brake disc, both parts engineered to the highest standards to keep the clutch and the brakes working well. The clutch disc is the component that is sandwiched between the pressure plate and flywheel. When the two parts get in contact with one another, with the disc in the middle, the engine and transmission are properly engaged and power transfer happens. Meanwhile, the brake disc serves as the surface into which the brake pads clamp to produce the friction that will bring your vehicle to a halt.

Both discs are durable components, especially if you get these from Nippon clutch. But, they are still subject to wear and tear. And when they are exposed to unfavorable conditions, they can become damaged. The clutch disc wears out over time, and this is natural given the disc's function. Too much heat can cause problems after a while, weakening the said part. Meanwhile, the brake disc also suffers from the same problem. Warping can happen because of heat, and the part can also become damaged if you forget to replace the brake pads and if their friction material gets depleted. Plus, incorrect installation of the parts can also lead to failure.