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Nissan 240SX Shock Absorber

When to Replace Nissan 240sx Shock Absorbers

Nissan 240sx shock absorbers have a big role in making the car a beautiful machine. Its sporty setup, coupled with a look designed to blaze through roads, makes it one of the most exciting cars to drive. Unfortunately, even a great car such as this won't handle like a dream if its Nissan 240sx shock absorbers are busted and worn out. Leaving them broken and unattended for a long time takes away its great handling ability and your ability to safely control the car at all times. Read this guide to get an idea on some of the things you should look out for to see if the Nissan 240sx shock absorbers on your car are already in need of replacement.

Shaky ride

It becomes really uncomfortable when your Nissan 240sx is bouncier or rougher than usual. When this happens, your Nissan 240sx shock absorbers have become worn overtime. These are already unable to support your car on very uneven roads. Other than bumps, you may also notice that your car excessively leans forward and back when you accelerate and brake. Side winds, even mild ones, that are able to tilt your car sideways is also a sign of poor shocks. All these point to your car needing new Nissan 240sx shock absorbers.

Steering difficulty

Besides ride quality, your only other means to have an idea of how the car handles is the feeling you have when you control the steering wheel. Old Nissan 240sx shock absorbers make steering very difficult for you. The shocks aren't pressing the tires enough to the road to create enough traction and grip. To check, try to notice subtle or unexpected vibration from the steering wheel.

Uneven tire wear

Tires should have a solid and flat contact to the road as much as possible. Bad Nissan 240sx shock absorbers can affect this contact by tilting the profile of the tires enough to create uneven tire wear. Again, this is caused by the loss of road traction the shocks puts on the tires. The excessive bouncing also contributes to this. Check the inner side of the tire for any bald patches that indicate this.

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  • Caring for Nissan 240sx Shock Absorbers

    Nissan 240sx shock absorbers are fairly strong and durable parts of your car's suspension system. However, it would greatly be beneficial to perform routine maintenance, cleaning, and inspection of these parts once in a while. This is better than waiting for the shocks to go completely bad on you and require replacement. The recommended schedule for shock absorber care is around every 30,000 km. There are certain areas on the shock absorber that you should regularly check that will prolong the life of the shocks. Read this maintenance guide to walk you through the things you need to do when caring for your Nissan 240sx shock absorbers.

    • Bushing maintenance
    • To ensure that your Nissan 240sx shock absorbers are tightly installed and properly working, cleaning the bushings that hold these in place definitely go a long way. The bushings should be free from any traces of oil and debris to prolong their service life. Cleaning with hydraulic brake fluid is one common way to get rid of these stains. After some time, the bushings deteriorate to such an extent that these will need replacement. Take the time to go under your car to see how the shocks and bushings are doing before your shocks give way.
    • Hydraulic fluid level checkup
    • Nissan 240sx shock absorbers have hydraulic fluid inside the rods that is responsible for reducing the bounce of your car. As you drive your car, some of that liquid seeps out. It is recommended that you check the fluid level inside the shocks and refill the lost amount every six months.
    • Body cleaning
    • The lost hydraulic fluid usually ends up on the body of the Nissan 240sx shock absorbers. Other materials that may stain the shocks are dirt, sand, snow, salt, and many others. Clean these off the body of the shock absorbers with a combination of mild detergent and compressed air.
    • Proper use of shocks
    • The proper use of shocks revolves around you-as the driver-knowing what type of road and conditions your Nissan 240sx shock absorbers can be safely used on. As much as possible, avoid wild and uneven paths. Towing heavy loads should also be limited as this puts too much stress on the shocks.