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Nissan 280ZX Ignition Module

Quick Fixes for the Most Common Troubles of Your Nissan 280ZX Ignition Module

Without a fully functioning ignition module in your Nissan 280ZX to get it up and running, you might as well resign yourself to it being the most costly lawn ornament in the world. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it's true. Your ignition module is simply that essential. It's a part that's easy to ignore simply because it is out of sight most of the time. But, when it isn't working, you will definitely notice immediately. To help keep your system in good shape, we've compiled some of the symptoms to look out for so you can determine a faulty ignition module-and paired that up with the most common quick fixes that you can use.

Struggling starts

Start off with this lighter symptom. Faulty or difficult starts are symptoms shared by both faulty batteries and a faulty ignition module. While the former is more commonly at fault, you simply can't rule out the ignition system. One way to eliminate the possibility of a fault with the battery is to try a different one-off your friend's car for example. If the ignition module kicks in then, then the battery needs replacing. That is all very complicated, though. A simpler way to go about it is to inspect the ignition module itself. What you want to look for is physical damage. Burn marks, clear breakages, damage to the wiring, and structural damage-all these are signs that the ignition module has failed. Normally, the extent of the damage falls within the realm of the repairable. Best to consult a mechanic, however, as a replacement might be advised nonetheless.

No starts

If, upon turning the key, there is absolutely no sound coming from the ignition, there's a chance it's completely busted. Granted, there's also a chance that the battery is once again at fault, this can be checked by switching the lights on. A broken battery won't let the simplest lights go on. If you eliminated the battery as the potential trouble spot, then it's time to go for the ignition module. Again, the key is to look over the module for damage. In this case, however, whether or not there is visible damage it's best to go to a mechanic for repairs, or have the module replaced.

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  • Top Tips to Keep Your Nissan 280ZX Ignition Module in Best Shape

    Even the most classic of Japanese cars needs an ignition module to get things started. Fact is, without your Nissan 280ZX ignition in great working order, you will get absolutely nowhere real fast. It's not hard to see why people tend to gloss over basic parts like the ignition module. After all, it's usually recessed deep inside your engine block, and really gets no attention until it breaks down. Since "breaks down" usually implies that you cannot start your car at all, it's a very serious issue that needs to be promptly addressed. What is the best way to handle ignition module problems? By caring for your ignition module long before it even breaks down.

    Look out for trouble.

    Inspecting the ignition module is not something that you will think to do on a regular basis. It's understandable considering that the ignition module is deep into the interior of your engine block. That doesn't mean, though, that you should accept that situation and forget about it completely. The things that you need to look out for are accumulation of dirt, presence of moisture, and clear signs of damage. Dirt and dust gather in unchecked places. In the case of the ignition module, the presence of a lot of dirt and dust has the potential to block the functioning of the module. Moisture, on the other hand, is a rare sight around the module, but one that is extremely dangerous. The module works off electricity, and any moisture can cause unwanted short circuiting. Lastly, check the condition of the part itself. Any loose wiring can be easily remedied, but rust and breakages will require replacing.

    Keep it clean.

    Now, when we talk about cleaning an ignition module, we don't mean bathing it in a lot of water and soap. After all, there are a lot of electrical bits in there that don't like being exposed to water. The simplest way to keep clean is to wipe off the module with a dry, but clean, rag. All you need to do is pick out any dirt and dust that may have formed, and little else.