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Nissan 300ZX Fuel Injector

Common Causes of Problems with the Nissan 300zx Fuel Injector

The air-fuel mixture in the engine cylinder of your Nissan 300zx is being delivered by the fuel injectors. However, due to the heat environment and extraordinary duty demands, problems and failures in fuel injectors cannot be avoided. Since they are mechanical and electrical parts, failure of these components may cause many problems that will greatly affect your car's overall performance. That is why it's important that you know what to watch out for when your car is having fuel injector problems. Let's take a look at the common problems encountered with a Nissan 300zx fuel injector and determine what causes these problems:

Clogged injector filters

Foreign particles in your Nissan 300zx 's fuel tanks or fuel rails will cause your injector filters to clog. These foreign particles are usually rust that tend to build up within the injector filter or fuel filter which results to a reduced fuel flow. Smaller rust particles that pass through the injector filter may also end up altering the spray pattern and fuel flow. This could result to poor fuel economy as the clogged and dirty injector might end up spraying more fuel than required. This problem is very common for those vehicles that lack routine maintenance and those that have been unattended for a long period of time.

Leaking body or mechanical joint in the injector body

This problem may be caused by the overheating of the injector after a cooling system failure. Other causes of this problem include failure in the ignition system, incorrect timing, and improper handling when the component was installed. Sometimes, however, a leaking body or mechanical joint in the injector body may also be caused by defective manufacturing and testing as well as poor handling in the storage or shipping period.

The Injector pintle is not properly seated on the orifice

An injector pintle that is not sitting on the orifice perfectly may cause troubles in starting the car. Aside from that, it may also end up damaging the oxygen sensors. This problem is usually encountered when the fuel additives are "baked" on the pintle or the orifice. Other causes include weak injector return spring and rust or corrosion inside the injector body.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Nissan 300zx Fuel Injector in Top Condition

    Poor gas mileage, misfires, higher carbon emissions, and a lean fuel mixture - these are just some of the problems your Nissan 300zx will be dealing with if the car's fuel injectors are not maintained properly and regularly. Fuel injectors are primarily responsible for the fuel delivery system in any vehicle. Failure in the fuel injection process will prevent the fuel from reaching the engine and affect the car's overall performance. Here are a few helpful tips in ensuring that your Nissan 300zx's fuel injector is at its top condition at all times:

    • Avoid cheap unbranded gas.
    • Cleaning your car's fuel injection cleaning is now an important maintenance requirement for every car owner. Always keep your Nissan 300zx's fuel injectors free from obstruction as this will also keep your engine running smoothly. Avoid using cheap gas because unbranded gas doesn't have the same amount of detergent compared to branded ones. Branded gas comes with more detergent that will help clean your fuel system, making it worth the extra cost.
    • Replace the fuel filter at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Your car's fuel injectors may end up suffering from an erratic performance, poor gas mileage, and even engine shutdown when a small piece of dirt manages to get inside the fuel system. That is why it's important to replace your fuel filter on a regular basis to prevent harsh contaminants from entering the fuel injectors and the engine and to ensure the quality of your car's performance at the same time.
    • Clean other components.
    • Cleaning other components that work with the fuel injectors will also help in the proper maintenance of your fuel injectors. One of the components that you need to clean is the throttle body. A dirty throttle body will cause fuel vapor to rise up through the intake manifold, bypass the circuits, and change the idle air and fuel mixture when it builds up or vaporize around the throttle plate. The intake valves and combustion chambers should also be cleaned along with the injectors to remove elements that may cause drivability and emission problems.