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Nissan Air Filter

The overall power of your Nissan relies on the air that comes into the engine, in combination with the amount of fuel, good spark timing, and free-flowing exhaust. Unfortunately, it takes only a few months to clog the Nissan air filter to the point where the engine suffers, but it is an easy part to replace. Simply open the cold air intake, which usually requires no tools, pull out the old filter and replace it with a new one. Our online catalog will have the correct Nissan air filter for your vehicle, at a great price compared to many other retail outlets. Our Nissan air filter is an exact replacement for the original, meeting all of the factory specifications, and it will as just as long as the old one did. It comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer, as well. When you are looking to upgrade the performance of your Nissan, there is no greater value than one of our high performance versions of the Nissan air filter. Unlike the disposable paper versions, ours are made with several layers of cotton stretched over a wire mesh base for stability. Cotton offers higher performance in both airflow and filtering capabilities. In addition, our performance Nissan air filter is reusable. When it becomes dirty, simply remove it, wash it, allow it to dry, and reinstall it into the cold air intake. The reusable Nissan air filter will often last the remaining life of the car, without the need for a replacement. Our online catalog has a full line of other parts and accessories for your vehicle, and at our low prices, they are an excellent value.