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Nissan Altima Grille

Issues Concerning Nissan Altima Grilles

To most people, cars look like mean machines designed to survive any terrain and any condition it is put under. But what people may not know is that underneath the hood, your car is a very delicate engine which breaks down once something that's not supposed to be in it gets through. This is the same purpose why protections are built into the car, such as its grille. Grilles allow air for the engine operation to pass through. They also keep everything out, so it is a problem if your grille develops an issue. Here are a few of the possible problems when dealing with your car's grille:

Damage from debris

Your car grille, being on the front of your car, is the part single-handedly responsible for protecting the rest of your engine from harm. There are road substances that can seriously damage your engine, and your car grille is there to prevent all of them from reaching it. However, most of these can damage your car's grille. To avoid having your car go through the dangers of taking in road debris, replace your damaged grille as soon as possible.


Car grilles are more commonly considered for the style and appearance that they add to a car. If a car grille is broken, though, this tends to leave a mark on you as the owner of the car. Would you rather drive a nice-looking car, or would you risk looking like an accident-prone driver with that broken grille of yours? A replacement as soon as possible is recommended if you want to keep your car's value up.

Dust and rust

As the car travels, there are a lot of materials that the grille gets hit with. Most common of these is precipitation and dust. When this mix, it result s in gunk or moisture that gets stuck on your grille. As most grilles are made of aluminum, this has the tendency to make its unsightly mark on your grille. These usually results to moisture spots and corrosion.

Other things to look out for

A lot of things can happen to car grilles, since they are the first line of defense for a car. Some debris can scratch and damage your grille, further lowering the value and appearance of your car. Learn to spot some unsightly marks as well, to keep your car looking good and your engine properly protected.

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  • Maintenance Tips 101: How to Protect Your Nissan Altima Grille

    The grille is a car part which is responsible for the protection of the car's engines, keeping harmful substances out and allowing air for the combustion process to get in. There's a lot of damage that a grille soaks up, however, because it is found at the front of a car. You should also remember that your car grille plays a large part in making your car look good both on and off the road. If you want to keep your car looking like an extension of your style, take note of these possible processes you can do to protect your car:

    Paint your car grille

    Your car grille is steadily at the mercy of the elements every time you take a drive. Whether it's a weekend drive or a drive to your place of work, your car grille gets hit with so many things that it's impossible to keep it from being damaged. However, one thing that you can do is to paint your car grille. Aside from adding to style and the appearance of your car, painting your grille can help make sure that it will survive heavy downpours and moisture, most especially if it is made of aluminum or steel.

    Clean your car grille thoroughly

    Cleaning your car grille is another way of making sure it will remain working for you for a long time. A car grille lets air through, but with that air come other materials which can damage your grille. Moisture and dust combine to form a gunk that is both unsightly and corrosive, leaving ugly spots on your grille. Learn to keep your grille clean, just as you keep your car clean. Cleaning it using a rag and soap mixed with hot water usually does the trick.

    Repair broken plastic grilles

    Replacement can be your number one priority if your grille is on the verge of collapse. But what if your damage is a minor, repairable one? Your option can also be to repair the grille. There is some measure of repair that you can do with plastic grilles. All you need is acrylic solvent and acrylic gap-filling cement. These two materials are good adhesives to use for plastics, since they bond almost any plastic material easily.

    Customize, customize, customize

    Aside from replacing your grille and washing it, you can also opt for customization. There are many benefits that customization can get you, such as added protection. It could also help you change the style and appearance of your car.