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Nissan Altima Hood

Reasons behind Nissan Altima Hood Problems

Keeping your Nissan Altima's engine parts safe from road elements is made possible with an efficient car hood. Aside from providing protection, you can also customize the hood to your liking to add more flair and style to your ride. Although it is engineered for a long service life, the car's hood is still susceptible to wear and tear. Soon, it can cause damage to your Nissan Altima's appeal, and it can even fail to protect the engine and the parts underneath it. If you think your car hood is at the brink of its service life, then better perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are some common hood problems and the reasons behind them.

Jammed hood

If you find it difficult or even impossible to open your hood, then you might have corroded locks. To fix the glitch, you might need a companion to help you out. When releasing the lever to open the hood, have your companion prop open the hood at the same time. More often than not, broken levers or defective cables are the cause of a jammed hood. Simply inspect the lever and check if it lacks tension. You see, this tension defect prevents the release of the locks. If the locks are fine and the lever seems to be in good shape, then the hood's cable must be at fault.

Dents from hail or other objects

Sometimes, dents and scratches are unavoidable. This is especially the case during winter season when hail is present. You see, a hail storm can cause dents on your Nissan Altima's hood. A dented hood is no good as it entails a greater risk of damaging the engine parts. Luckily, it can be solved easily even for a DIY beginner because there are several methods to address the issue. You may use a plunger with a small amount of petroleum jelly under it to create an airtight suction. You may also perform the heat method in which you blow dry the dented part and strike it back into shape with a mallet.

Paint discoloration

A flaky or discolored paint job on your car hood is caused by a variety of factors. It may have been due to improper cleaning, or it could have simply faded because it has already exceeded its service life. Luckily, applying wax on your car can easily address paint discoloration. Just make sure that the waxing product used matches with the hood color and material.

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  • Tips to Keep Your Nissan Altima Hood in Good Shape

    Your Nissan Altima's hood serves as a gateway to the engine parts. It also protects the parts underneath by preventing the passage of unwanted particles. A car's hood may have been engineered with great durability,but it is still prone to wear and tear. If left unmaintained, a dented or deformed hood can cause problems not only to the auto's appeal but also to the engine's performance. In fact, keeping your hood in good shape can even improve fuel economy. If you want to extend the Nissan Altima hood's service life, follow these easy and trouble-free maintenance tips:

    • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule.
    • It is important for a car owner to know how often to wash the Nissan Altima's hood in order to keep the paint in good condition. Generally, experts advise to maintain a weekly washing schedule especially during winter and spring. During winter, you might find lots of salt and sand on the hood, which can eat your paint job. In addition, pollen and other floating elements during springtime can damage the hood's paint. In other weather conditions, you may clean the hood at least once in two weeks.
    • Sand scratches, wipe off rust, and re-adjust minor dents.
    • Scratches on your vehicle can easily be removed with the use of a fine-grit sandpaper and a wet sponge. Rust should be grinded off with an orbital sander. However, avoid wiping too fast or too harsh to prevent excessive abrasion. Any rust left behind will damage your car's hood, so it is best to use phosphoric acid to eliminate microscopic rust particles. When it comes to minor dents, tapping with the use of a lightweight hammer usually solves the problem.
    • Wash and wax the auto's hood.
    • Wash your Nissan Altima's hood with a mild cleaner to avoid paint damage. In addition, it is best to use a microfiber cloth or towel when wiping the cleaner off the hood. Be sure to wipe in a circular motion for better cleaning. Once done, applying polish and wax will restore the vehicle's original luster. Remember to allow the car and the hood to dry after washing. This simple procedure helps prevent oxidation on the car's paint job.