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Nissan Altima Intake Manifold Gasket

The automotive press has found a lot of commendable qualities in the current generation Nissan Altima and one of those things that awed them is the Altima's power. With their powerful selection of I4 and V6 engines, Nissan Altimas were able to cruise powerfully and smoothly in most kind of pavements. But the engines by themselves cannot possibly power the Nissan Altima well. Equally important are the various parts that makes up Nissan Altima's power block, and that would include the Nissan Altima intake manifold.

The engine needs the right mixture of air and fuel to work best. But even if this is achieved, it still wouldn't work if there's nothing that can deliver the mixture to the engine. This is where the intake manifold finds its use. The main purpose of the intake manifold is to supply the air/fuel mixture to the engine's cylinders through the intake valves. In older vehicles, the intake manifold is located between the carburetor and the cylinder head. Newer vehicles like the Nissan Altima, however, no longer make use of carburetors. In this case, the intake manifold is connected to the throttle body or the fuel injectors.

The Nissan Altima intake manifold is part of the Nissan Altima's very efficient fuel and engine system that they call the Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System, where the air/fuel mixture is continuously adjusted to satisfy the power needs of the vehicle. While the intake manifold may be a stationary part for the system, making it appear less important, the condition of the component must still be checked regularly to ensure optimum engine performance. Intake manifold failures, especially leaky intake manifolds, may result to poor engine performance, engine overheating, or worst, severe engine damage.

The inlet manifold is an essential engine part. Sadly, we only realize their importance if they incur damages or if they fail. The good thing is that there are a lot of replacement Nissan Altima intake manifold units available either from online auto parts sources or from your local auto parts source. With these replacement inlet pipes, regaining the performance that your Nissan Altima once had becomes achievable.

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