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Nissan Altima Mirror

In safety, every little thing counts. Well aware of this fact, Nissan has given the safety design of the Nissan Altima with every little inch of attention, equipping the vehicle with all the parts essential for safe driving. Aside from the usual safety features, including the driver and passenger air bags, seat belts, head restraints, the LATCH System and vehicle crumple zones, the vehicle is also equipped with those little and traditional safety parts that make driving a lot safer. Among them are the auto lights and the various Nissan Altima mirrors installed in various parts of the car.

Mirrors are basically defined as surfaces that reflect the image in front of it. When installed in vehicles, mirrors become important safety features in that they give the driver a good view of everything behind the car, helping him avoid any major rear-end collisions caused by driving misjudgments.

Among the basic type of mirrors installed in vehicles today are the interior rear view mirror and the side mirrors, also often called exterior rearview mirrors or side-view mirrors. The rectangular rearview mirror, which is installed between the two A-posts within the cab, gives the driver a good view of everything behind his car through the rear window. The side mirrors, which are installed on both sides of the outer A-posts near the leading edge of the front doors, basically do the same thing, although the view is more inclined towards the sides of the car.

Nissan never ignore the small parts that can do a lot for the safety of the vehicles they manufacture. Thus, it is normal for us to expect that all Nissan Altima models are equipped with these basic vehicle mirrors, and probably more. For the 2006 model year, all Nissan Altima models come standard with dual body-color power outside mirrors, with the upper trim models having these mirrors heated and integrated with a timer. Interior rearview mirrors are also standard and come with an auto-dimming feature. And going a little bit past safety, Nissan Altimas are also equipped with dual visor vanity mirrors that are handy for purposes other than safety.

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