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Nissan Altima Wheel

It's amazing how many people would simply call their car as their "wheels". The term, of course, is slang, as cars are more than just wheels. In fact, a lot of other components in the car are more important than the wheels, like the engine, suspension, transmission, etc. But the fact that "wheels" is the slang for cars and other kinds of wheeled vehicles imply that many people look at these parts as one of the most important parts of a car. And they really are, for the automobile wouldn't have been invented if the wheel was not.

In automotive terminology, the term "wheel" generally refers to the circular disk or ring on which the tire rides. These components are also often called rims and may be made out of a variety of materials, the most common of which is steel, aluminum and magnesium. Wheels come as standard components in every car for it is only through them that the car can move. But aside from the stock wheels that a car is originally equipped with, there are also custom wheels that feature stylish designs and finish that can make the car look even more distinctive.

Nissan Altimas are surely equipped with wheels but not all Nissan Altima models feature the same kind of wheels. Nissan Altima wheels would usually vary in specification depending on the trim level of the vehicle on which they will be fitted in. For the current model year, base Altimas are equipped with 16" steel wheels. But since steel wheels may look crude against the Altima's elegant body, they usually come with elegant hub caps that can conceal their appearance. All other Nissan Altima models aside from the base are equipped with aluminum-alloy wheels, although their sizes and spoke designs still differ.

Aside from the stock Nissan Altima wheels, there are also custom wheels specifically designed for the Nissan Altima that are widely available in the market, either local or online. Available in various finishes (e.g. bare, painted, clear-coated, polished, chromed), custom wheels may give your Nissan Altima a more elegant or more distinctive appearance. Large custom wheels may also make your Nissan look more aggressive while improving its performance, specifically its handling capability.

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