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Nissan Axle Assembly

Power from the transmission is transferred to the rear wheels of your Nissan by a single driveshaft. In the front, however, there is a separate driveshaft for each wheel, called the Nissan axel assembly. This device must transfer power to the wheels, no matter what position they are in, relative to the transmission. The power must also remain at a constant speed at each end of the Nissan axel assembly, to minimize vibrations and component damage. Using a set of unique joints, the Nissan axel assembly accomplishes this task well. A slip joint is used to ensure that the wheels have power as the vehicle is steered around a corner. To maintain flexibility, the Nissan axel assembly also has two constant velocity joints, which allow the driveshaft to be at the correct angles to the wheel and transmission at all times. Like universal joints, if there was only one constant velocity joint on the assembly, a large amount of vibration would be produced, and the Nissan axel assembly would not be as flexible. The constant velocity joint consists of a system of gears that allow flexibility, and these gears are covered in a rubber shield, called a boot. If the boot were to suffer physical damage, the joint would immediately loose its lubrication, and dirt would enter the delicate gear system. Soon, the friction and dirt would render the joint unusable, and the entire Nissan axel assembly would have to be replaced. Fortunately, our online catalog has the perfect Nissan axel assembly for your vehicle, at a great price compared to the dealership. Ordering your Nissan axle assembly, or any other of our numerous parts and accessories, is always safe and secure, whether you use our online ordering site or our toll-free telephone number.