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Nissan Brake Caliper

Many components are required to bring your Nissan to a complete stop. The final components in the process, and arguably the most important, are the Nissan brake caliper and the brake pads it houses. When the brake pedal is depressed, the user input is multiplied by the vacuum brake booster, and the final force is used to compress the pistons in the master cylinder. The master cylinder sends the hydraulic force through the lines to activate the pistons of the caliper, and finally the brake pads are pressed into the Nissan brake caliper. The friction of the brake pads is used to actually stop the vehicle. Ensuring that the Nissan brake caliper is in good working is a necessity for safety, and inspecting it does not even require the removal of the tire, in most cases. In open wheels, the caliper can be seen directly through the empty space, but in closed wheels, the tires may need to be turned. If the Nissan brake caliper is moving freely in and out, and there is no sign of a leak in the area, the unit should be in good condition. Small seals within the pistons of the Nissan brake caliper are often a cause of failure, because the hydraulic fluid will loose pressure at that wheel. Corrosion and dirt can also gather within the device, completely stopping its motion, even with proper fluid pressure. Fortunately, our online catalog has the perfect Nissan brake caliper to fit your vehicle, at a highly reduced cost, compared to the price of a replacement from the dealership. With our quick order processing, you will have good brakes again soon.