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Nissan Brake Disc

The braking system is the most important system in the vehicle, allowing you the ability to stop in seconds when there is an emergency. The Nissan brake disc does two very important jobs in the overall array. It acts a surface onto which the high-friction brake pads are pushed, in order to bring the vehicle to a stop. Whenever there is a large amount of friction, the end result is a buildup of heat. If the heat is not removed from the system, the brakes will fade as they heat, the pads will wear far quicker, and finally, the extreme heat could actually warp the surface of the Nissan brake disc. Dissipating heat, however, is the second job of the Nissan brake disc. Slots cut into the circumference of the Nissan brake disc provide a large amount of surface area, which is used to dissipate heat into the outside air. Some versions of the stock Nissan brake disc may also be cross-drilled, through the braking surface, to allow for more efficient heat transfer. After several years, corrosion will slowly start to age this part. Loose rust may collect in the slots, which will have a negative effect on the efficiency of the cooling process. The surface of the Nissan brake disc may also start to form small pits and gouges from the effects of corrosion. If the part cannot be cleaned and machined, so that it operates normally again, it will be necessary to install a new Nissan brake disc. Our online catalog has the perfect version to replace your stock unit, at a great price. For some models, we will carry the performance Nissan brake disc, which has several qualities designed to dissipate heat better.