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Nissan Brake Dust Shields

Every time you hit the brakes in your Nissan, brake dust is ground off the pads, collecting oil and other messy substances, as it falls to your wheels. Cleaning this mess can be a frustrating job, but with a set of Nissan brake dust shields from our online catalog, the dust will be less likely stick to the wheels. They redirect the air around the brakes, so that the dust will be safely diverted to the underside of the vehicle. Cleaning the wheels can actually damage their finish, with small pieces of dirt gouging the surface, and any harsh chemicals may strip the shine from the finish. Fortunately, the Nissan brake dust shields are very easy to install. They are custom-designed for the intended vehicle, taking care that they will not interfere with any of the surrounding components. By simply removing a wheel, one of the Nissan brake dust shields can be slipped over the lug bolts that hold the wheel on. When the wheels and lug nuts are installed over the Nissan brake dust shields, they are sufficiently secured. The Nissan brake dust shields are made of high strength metal that will last for many years, and they have a full warranty from the manufacturer. They come in the standard color of flat black, which will allow them to virtually disappear behind the wheels. This means that they will not detract from the overall look of the vehicle. In addition to the Nissan brake dust shields, you will find many other parts and accessories for your vehicle in our large online catalog, all at spectacular prices. You can order your Nissan brake dust shields online or by dialing our toll-free telephone number.

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