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Nissan Catalytic Converter

A large number of the general population is now aware of the problems of air pollution caused by growing use of private vehicle transportation. And due to public outcry, the state and federal authorities implemented many laws and regulations to minimize the amount of pollutants that these automobiles usually give off. Consequently, automobiles today are equipped with plethora of standard emissions control component and systems that work hand in hand to make vehicle emission less harmful. And these include catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter that comes in every gasoline-powered vehicle is an emission control device that makes sure that the exhaust coming out of the vehicle is safe from hazardous elements like hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and other byproducts of the combustion process. This contraption that looks like the muffler is situated under the vehicle. Every gasoline-powered engine is equipped with a catalytic converter. In fact, there are vehicles that feature two catalytic converters.

The catalytic converter is specifically found in the exhaust line, between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. It employs chemicals that serve as catalyst, meaning, chemicals that cause a reaction among other chemicals without affecting itself. Hence, the chemicals contained in the catalytic converter triggers a reaction in the pollutants. These pollutants are then transformed from destructive gases to less harmless ones before they are released into the environment.

Recognized as one of the world's most famous and well-acclaimed car manufacturers, Nissan don't only produce high-performance and safe vehicles but environment-friendly units as well. As a result, Nissan models are equipped with high-performance Nissan catalytic converters. Crafted with superb quality materials and excellent workmanship, Nissan catalytic converters are sure to be in good working condition. And if after the long run, the Nissan catalytic converter is still functioning properly, you don't have any right to remove it. There's a law saying that it is illegal to remove or replace a catalytic converter that's working properly.

However, if your Nissan catalytic converter failed to function well, It is advisable to replace it with a high-flow unit that is less-restrictive so that backpressure will be lessened and the vehicle' mileage and performance will be enhanced. For replacement Nissan catalytic converter, the market has wide array of units readily available anytime you want it.

  • Closer Look at Nissan Catalytic Converter

    The Nissan catalytic converter is a component of the exhaust system, designed to reduce harmful chemicals in the vehicle exhaust emissions before they pass out of the tailpipe and into the environment. There are three types of harmful emissions produced by engine combustion, which the Nissan catalytic converter is built to reduce. These are carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas that has no odor or color, hydrocarbons that are most often the byproduct of the evaporation of unburned fuel and contribute to smog, and nitrogen oxides, which are irritating to mucus membranes and contribute to acid rain and smog. These chemicals are harmful to both humans and the environment, and are subject to government emissions regulations. The Nissan catalytic converter uses a ceramic honeycomb structure coated with two catalyst metals, generally platinum, with rhodium or palladium to create a chemical reaction that causes the molecules of these harmful chemicals to either burn away, or stick to the catalyst metals, sifting them from the exhaust before it is released from the system into the outside air. The Nissan catalytic converter works best when it is hot, removing much more pollution from the exhaust. The Nissan catalytic converter is quite good at its function, removing a great deal of the pollution that was once emitted freely into the air we breathe before its invention. We carry a quality selection of Nissan catalytic converter replacements in our convenient online catalog, all at great prices. Our user friendly and secure site makes ordering fast and easy, or for those who prefer to order by phone, our expert customer service makes it just as quick and efficient to order your Nissan catalytic converter using out toll-free phone line.