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Nissan Cold Air Intake

If you put that gas pedal down to move into the passing lane, but your vehicle did not seem to notice, perhaps a little extra power from a Nissan cold air intake would make it more likely to heed your request. The Nissan cold air intake can help your engine produce more power with a better supply of oxygen. Your engine runs its best with a good oxygen supply to aid the combustion process, keeping it as efficient as possible. The Nissan cold air intake gives your engine a more plentiful supply of oxygen by providing it with a cooler flow of air into the engine. Cooler air is denser than warm air, so it carries more oxygen to the engine, allowing it to produce more power with the same, or possibly even better, fuel mileage. There are other benefits to the more efficient engine combustion provided by the Nissan cold air intake besides a noticeable increase in power. A more efficient engine provides a cleaner burn of fuel, leaving less unburned to produce harmful pollutants, lowering the level of these smog-producing chemicals emitted from the vehicles exhaust system. Combustion that is more efficient is easier on the engine, producing less wear and tear on engine parts. The Nissan cold air intake offers quite a bit of benefit for such a simple and easily installed vehicle accessory, making it a quick and inexpensive way to get a substantial improvement in the performance of your vehicle. We carry a selection of the Nissan cold air intake in our online catalog, all at low prices. Our secure site will make ordering your Nissan cold air intake safe and convenient, or if you prefer, our great customer service will make it easy to order on our toll-free phone line as well.

Nissan Cold Air Intake Models