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Nissan Control Arm

If you have noticed a change in the way your vehicle handles, perhaps the rough roads and winter potholes have taken their toll on the Nissan control arm. The Nissan control arm is an important component in the complex suspension system that protects your vehicle from the bumps and vibrations of the road. Along with the many other suspension parts, the Nissan control arm helps to absorb the impact and vibration before it reaches the body of the vehicle to cause damage. The Nissan control arm helps to keep the front-end tight and well aligned, which assists in keeping the steering and handling of the vehicle stable and agile, and helps to avoid uneven wear of the front tires. There is both an upper and lower Nissan control arm at each wheel of the vehicle. The Nissan control arm is equipped with a rubber bushing at each pivot point, helping its ability to cushion the vehicle from road vibration, as well as preventing friction and wear as the Nissan control arm moves against other suspension parts. These bushings are prone to wear over time, the miles and elements taking their toll, damaging or wearing away the rubber to cause the occasional need for replacement. A hard jolt from a particularly large pothole can bend the Nissan control arm, or simple wear and tear can cause damage, making your vehicle handle poorly. We have a selection of quality Nissan control arm replacements in our online catalog, all at great prices. Our expert customer service makes it fast and easy to order your Nissan control arm, whether using our secure site or our toll-free phone line.