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Nissan Cylinder Head Gasket

Your Nissan head gasket has a rough life, tolerating the intense heat and pressure produced by engine combustion as it forms the seal between the cylinder head and the engine block of your vehicle, as well as the coolant and oil passages between the two. The Nissan head gasket is designed to contain the powerful forces of engine combustion inside the combustion chambers with a strong seal that is designed to last the life of the engine. However, the Nissan head gasket can fail prematurely for a number of reasons. One of the most common causes of Nissan head gasket failure is engine overheating. The excessive heat can cause the cylinder head to swell or warp, causing a breach in the head gasket seal. Another common reason for premature Nissan head gasket failure is detonation in the cylinders, causing damage to the combustion armor in the cylinder, allowing the heat and pressure to breach the seal. The third leading cause of Nissan head gasket failure is poor installation, such as a failure to use the proper torque specifications, or failing to properly smooth or clean the mating surfaces between of the cylinder head and engine block. It is crucial to be pay careful attention to such details when installing a new Nissan head gasket, as it is a time consuming job that you are not likely to want to repeat any sooner than necessary. We have a selection of quality Nissan head gasket replacements in our user-friendly online catalog. Our secure site will make ordering your Nissan head gasket safe and convenient, or our toll-free phone line is available to assist with your order.